Secure your user accounts and simplify the Windows log on

Secure two-factor authentication for working people. LocalID gives you access to your computer with a smart card and a 4-digit PIN code, so you can work efficient and securely.

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Yes. it's that easy.

Replacing your Windows password with a strong two-factor method is the easiest thing you can do to significantly increase security. And you don’t even have to change the basic IT infrastructure of your organization. Installation requires no special skills and LocalID is easy to configure and manage, making it ideal for small and medium-sized businesses.

Strong two-factor for Windows

With a smart card and a PIN code you get the most secure two-factor method for use in your organization’s network or at home with two-factor remote access.

Standard Microsoft technology

LocalID uses the standard Microsoft domain log on mechanism. No need to modify Windows or install 3rd party agents that would only add complexity.

Great user experience

No more complex passwords or constant password changes. Instead, you choose your own PIN code and it’s your choice whether to have a physical or virtual smart card.

Stop sharing Start caring

For companies with shared computers, it is a challenge that many employees share the same username and password. This poses both a security risk and a lack of traceability. Who is the actual person that logged in to your IT system? How can you know who did what? What happens, when an employee leaves your company? LocalID solves all this by providing each user with a log on method that is fast, reliable and secure. 

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Identity is the new perimeter. With little effort you can significantly increase security.


Stop weak passwordS


Stop shared passwords


Stop password leaks


Stop CEO fraud


Stop phishing attacks

Get started

LocalID is a Windows application that you install on a Windows PC. It makes it easy to issue smart cards used for Windows domain login. LocalID requires a Windows domain with Active Directory Certificate Services installed.

System requirements:
Windows 8 or higher
Physical or virtual (TPM) smart card
Card reader

Back-end requirements:
Active Directory and Active Directory Certificate Services running on Windows Server 2008 R2, 2012 R2, 2016, 2019 and 2022.
Running Windows Server 2003 forest functional level or higher.

Installation and configuration guide is included in the purchase. Both in text and video format.


  • Windows secure two-factor authentication
  • Native Windows support, including full offline mode
  • Native Microsoft Active Directory support
  • Integration with Microsoft RDP, Citrix and VMware
  • One smart card may be used for multiple PC’s
  • Enables single sign-on (SSO) via a local Identity Provider(IdP)
  • IdP independent – nearly any IdP supports smart card authentication
  • Asymmetric encryption for strong, certificate based authentication
  • Internal email encryption and signing
  • Supports dual function smart cards for doorsystems, follow-me print, canteens and similar


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